Brands, agencies and publishers – I look forward to another incredible year of creation, innovation and partnership. I am especially excited to see some young leaders emerge to bring change and reform in the areas of martech and adtech in South Africa! 

Next year we will certainly see some very interesting developments in the the audio advertising space. With traditional terrestrial radio stations choosing to take their content online and with the very evident rise of podcasting – brands are going to have a new medium to tap into. Even better… it’s all programmatic.

Premium PMP’s or Private Marketplaces are going to continue to garner more spend, taking budget away from direct buys. It’s a necessary evolution. My hope is that all publishers, both big and small will see significant spend across this medium. 

The adoption of DMP’s will increase arising from the need to unify data across disparate sources and for a holistic view on audiences and effectively drive the right message to them. As a result 2nd party data marketplaces will emerge, creating efficiency and transparency in martech.

A few words that you will be seeing a lot of in the new year:

  • Transparency and brand safety
  • Data driven
  • Machine learning and AI
  • DMP
  • Blockchain
  • Publishing partnerships
  • Ad Fraud
  • Ads.Txt
  • Programmatic audio

These will certainly not be the only trends in 2018. While they are all exciting to read about and study, we cannot settle there at the risk of getting stuck. Publishers, agencies and brands need to future proof their businesses by working with partners that have understanding of the industry and tech and the skill set to implement and drive innovation. 

I am look forward to continuing the great work our publishing partners are doing and to seeing further strategic partnerships with publishers, brands and agencies.

Julian Jordaan 

Commercial Director, 365 Digital