Written by: Oreeditse Gill, Publisher Services Manager, 365 Digital

The 365 Digital Publisher Services team have embarked on an exciting roadshow, aimed at appreciating the local publishers that contribute to the digital advertising ecosystem and generate the content we so readily enjoy!

365 Digital prides itself in partnering with some of South Africa’s most premium publishers and this month we dedicated time to show our publishers some love and to get to know them on a more personal level. We spend all day working to assist publishers in their monetisation efforts as well as equipping them with some of the most amazing ad tech in efforts to future proof their business, while they can simultaneously focus their efforts on creating great, quality content.

Online publishers are the heartbeat of the internet, and this month we dive into what makes a few of South Africa’s great publishers tick.

First up on our Publisher Appreciation series is Justmoney. We spoke to Justmoney’s commercial manager, Sarah Nicholson, to get a better understanding of their vision and their plans for 2019.

Justmoney informs South African consumers about personal finance issues through independent journalism. This allows them to empower their audience, and help people make informed decisions and become financially savvy. “We continuously strive to be a trusted voice within the personal finance sector,” says Sarah.

Justmoney will improve their user experience and SEO in 2019. The team plans to update the look and feel of their newsletters, as well as develop content that covers FAQs in a detailed guide format. Their goal is to create content that answers all possible questions within the financial sector.

We asked Sarah to tell us about an interesting project that Justmoney was a part of and this is what she had to say:

Justmoney co-hosted an intimate evening of conversations event, alongside 10X Investments and Africa Trust Academy, about the challenges of investing in South Africa. Sandras Phiri acted as host, asking the 10X panelists, Tracy Jenson (CFO) and Emma Heap (Head of retail), a series of interesting questions about personal finances.

“It was a fun and interactive evening, and guests were treated to the culinary delights of Raw and Co Catering. To pair with good food, they were also offered Rikus Neethling’s new Bizou Collection, Hope and Musgrave’s Gin, and craft beer from Darling and Leopold7. Justmoney looks forward to hosting more of these events in the near future.”

Sarah is dedicated to making a difference through Justmoney. She is also a wife and a mom, raising two young boys. She has a passion for mountain biking and riding motorbikes. Sarah has an inviting and warm aura about her, which makes working with her an absolute pleasure. We appreciate all that you do, and we are looking forward to having a wonderful 2019 with you and the Justmoney team.